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How to Play Online Games in OFFLINE (NetBlock) Mode | Most Amazing Google Tips FreeFire/BGMI


A simple way to prevent specific apps from accessing the internet. It has both basic and advanced features for blocking applications from having access to your network connection, both Wi-Fi and cellular data. You can choose which individual applications are allowed or denied service at any given time.

Blocking internet access is a reliable way to decrease data usage, saving your battery power and promoting personal privacy. It features such as Simple to use, No root required, No calling home, no tracking or analytics, No advertisements, Actively developed and supported.

Other features that are available are IPv4 and IPv6 support, Tethering is also supported, One can optionally select whether or not they want to share network access while the screen is off. If so then they can log everything they do online before it transmits out of their device. Lastly one has the option of exporting IP packets for analysis to see what went wrong during transmission.

Allow/block individual IP addresses per app, new application notifications, configure Guard directly from the notification. This is the best all-in-one software for net optimization and helps reduce ping problems in online games too! Give it a try if you’re still having trouble with your latency issues while playing games online.

Display network speed graph in a status bar notification & Choose from five additional themes with two versions for light and dark screens. This is the only no-root firewall that offers all these features.

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