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Most Amazing Mobile Screen 3D Live Wallpaper | Top Rated 2022 Application Review


Touch the screen and explore this interactive simulation of fluid physics. This can be interacted with and played around with. With gorgeous visuals, it provides an out-of-this-world feel for you to enjoy! Play around infinitely and find your perfect configuration, or even just set it as your desktop background – don’t forget to share your creation online!

Touch-screen lock and be hypnotized by the mesmerizing motions of flowing waves that gently flow around the screen. From time to time they are calm, serene and elegant – but at other times they are fast paced, captivating and trippy. Touching on your screen will create a colorful light show you’ll want to watch over and over again.

Calm down and relax as you draw. Watch the peaceful flows of magic fluids develop into fascinating patterns before they eventually settle down into vibrant colors. Magic Fluids can be used for sleeping, meditation, restoring balance or relieving stress and anxiety; it’s all up to you!

Get creative and, with just a touch of your finger, unleash stunning patterns on the canvas through intricate paints and particles. With features such as styles that emulate liquids and crystals – you’ll love this app if you enjoy abstract digital art or acrylic pour painting! It’s an excellent way to express yourself creatively while having fun in what often feels like a whole new dimension.

With the Doodle on your homescreen you can use Magic Fluids both as a Live Wallpaper and also just an app. You need to give it one try if you want to make something different with your mobile device.

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Touch the screen to create mesmerizing movements of smoke and colorful waves. Relax yourself while watching these trippiest, magical swirls of flowing color. Let your creativity take hold as you make awesome patterns out of different painted particles which will all finally come together to form a single, satisfactory picture after days or even weeks. You can find new articles about art being posted every day here on this website!


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