iPhone 15 Pro — 7 Features that Might Entice You to Upgrade

In my capacity as an individual who still bears the burden of an iPhone 12 Pro Max, I have maintained a vigilant watch over the circulating whispers concerning the iPhone 15 Pro and its grander counterpart, the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The cogitations of my mind have turned towards the prospect of an upgrade to the novel Pro Max iteration, for the capabilities of my current device’s camera have regrettably waned, and the performance no longer exudes the sprightly swiftness it once did, a mere couple of years hence.

Verily, the iPhone 14 Pro Max did present a plethora of commendable enhancements, including an ever-present exhibition and a 48-megapixel camera, bedecked with ProRAW endorsement, which did indeed captivate my discerning scrutiny during the course of my evaluations. Yet, the aggregate of these embellishments failed to kindle within me the inclination to expend an amount as princely as $1,099.

Naturally, the latest iteration, namely the iPhone 15 Pro Max, is whispered to be poised for an ascent of up to $200 in its valuation. However, the allure of such a fiscal augmentation might well be justified, should these whispered augmentations indeed come to fruition.

Allow me to present unto thee the septet of most eminent iPhone 15 Pro attributes, hitherto disclosed through clandestine channels, along with the rationale underpinning their potential to compel me toward the precipice of an upgrade decision.

7 rumored features of iPhone 15 Pro



Hark! The chime of change resounds, for the venerable Lightning port hath met its demise! Indeed, the anticipatory whispers enveloping the iPhone 15 lineage do forecast the long-awaited departure from the auspices of Lightning, in favor of the embrace of USB-C.

And in a proclamation that bears the imprimatur of Apple itself, the adoption of USB-C within the realm of iPhones hath been solemnly affirmed. In recent days, images of the nascent iPhone’s USB-C aperture have graced our gaze, thus rendering the conjecture a conclusion nearly preordained — that the iPhone 15 Pro and its august counterpart, the Pro Max, shall partake in the acquisition of this port, alongside their compatriots, the iPhone 15 and the esteemed iPhone 15 Plus.

A multitude amongst us now possess USB-C conduits, gracefully strewn as they are, for the purpose of enkindling vitality within the noblest of laptops, tablets, and sundry mechanical curiosities.

Thus, it is plausible that the pursuit of a novel charger need not necessitate venturing forth. However, a vexatious tidbit of gossip wafts upon the winds — a suggestion that Apple may choose to invoke the mantle of the “Made for iPhone” (MFi) initiative for USB-C, a prospect wherein attestation shall be essential to secure the amity of compatibility.

Furthermore, tiding of potential celerity in reanimation and the hastening of exchanges within the realm of the iPhone 15 Pro lineage hath graced our ears, yet I proffer caution, for such conjecture as of present rests within the bounds of speculation.

A17 Bionic 

A17 Bionic

Verily, the lineage of the iPhone 14 Pro did indeed ascend to the zenith of fleetness within a multitude of trials, yet it behooves us to acknowledge that even the pinnacle of accomplishment allows for further refinement. To illustrate, in the annals of our graphical appraisements, the iPhone 14 Pro encountered a modest deficit when juxtaposed with the Galaxy S23 Ultra, a circumstance that bespeaks a vista for amelioration.

Tidings abound that Apple is poised to make a resolute entrance with the nascent iPhone 15 Pro and its regal counterpart, the Pro Max, endowed with the illustrious A17 Bionic chip. This paragon of technological ingenuity lays claim to the distinction of being the world’s maiden chip wrought through the artistry of a 3-nanometer fabrication.

Thus, it befits thee to anticipate an augmentation in the realms of both celerity and efficiency, woven into the very essence of performance. In truth, the initial fragments of A17 Bionic’s benchmarks, as divulged through clandestine channels, render all other contenders asunder, akin to the tempest’s gust.

The chronicles of anticipation persist in attesting that the forthcoming iPhone 15 Pro lineage shall be graced with an assemblage of 6 gigabytes of RAM, even as the whispers of rumor weave a tale of an additional GPU core being bestowed upon thee, thus heralding an augmentation in the realm of graphic prowess.

Action button

Action button

Indeed, the resonance of truth resounds that the switch which hath heretofore governed the symphony of muting and sonorous proclamation may find itself departing in the wake of the advent of the iPhone 15 Pro lineage. Yet, permit me to express my lack of consternation, for the rumored replacement doth bear tidings of intrigue.

The novel iPhone 15 Pro and its illustrious sibling, the Pro Max, are rumored to stand poised to welcome a fresh addition to their assemblage, an Action button that shall serve to hush the clarion of calls, whilst encompassing within its ambit the potential for multifarious other functions, thus imbuing the realm of interaction with a newfound dynamism.

In the annals of the recent iOS 17 beta 4, a keen observer, Steve Moser of MacRumors, hath unveiled a compilation of keywords tailored for swift invocation: Accessibility, Shortcuts, Silent Mode, Camera, Flashlight, Focus, Magnifier, Translate, and Voice Memos. This assemblage of options, replete in its abundance, doth hold the promise of manifold potentialities, which, when interwoven with the Shortcuts app, are certain to proliferate into a cornucopia of conceivable actions.

Titanium design

Titanium design

The iPhone, an embodiment of robust design, hath long been characterized by its durable countenance; yet, it appears that Apple, in its ceaseless pursuit of excellence, is poised to elevate this standard to a loftier echelon through the advent of the iPhone 15 Pro lineage. The alchemy of innovation manifests in the substitution of titanium for stainless steel in the circumscribing framework.

With a weightiness both diminished and a resilience that surpasses both aluminum and steel, the iPhone 15 Pro shall emerge as an objet facile to bear, whilst concurrently demonstrating an enhanced ability to weather the vicissitudes of fate — be they precipitous descents or inadvertent collisions.

Alas, the encompassing embrace of the titanium band shall not extend its custodianship over the visage of front or rear glass, thus urging one to beseech Apple’s ingenuity to bestow upon us a Ceramic Shield of fortified resilience, that our cherished investment may be safeguarded sans the imposition of cases or protective screens.

For, it is incumbent upon us to reflect upon the somber countenance of iPhone 14’s ordeal amidst the trials of gravity, a spectacle that failed to exude an aura of aesthetic grace.

Periscope zoom (for Pro Max)

Periscope zoom (for Pro Max)

The affection I hold for the 2.5x zoom inherent to my iPhone 12 Pro Max doth resonate with a fond echo, and the prowess of the 3x optical zoom adorning the iPhone 14 Pro Max is undeniably meritorious.

However, let us not veil the fact that Apple’s progress, though notable, trails in the wake of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, which boasts a pair of telephoto lenses, each endowed with a distinct focal length (3x and 10x), thus engendering a vista of optical versatility hitherto unparalleled.

Rejoice, for tidings of mirth abound, heralding the advent of a novel periscope zoom lens, gracing the iPhone 15 Pro Max with a magnification of sixfold. This achievement doth mark a twofold augmentation over the countenance of its predecessor, the iPhone 14 Pro Max, albeit trailing slightly in the wake of Samsung’s formidable specifications.

Yet, let not these comparative measures obfuscate the prospect of superior visual splendor encapsulated within the images of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, for lo, the nuances of quality may yet tilt the balance in its favor. With bated breath, I await the forthcoming opportunity to subject the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s optical prowess to the crucible of assessment against the formidable offerings of Samsung and Google.

Larger battery with stacked tech 

Larger battery with stacked tech

Anticipate, my dear compatriots, an epoch wherein the endurance of the iPhone 15 Pro and its stately sibling, the Pro Max, shall be endowed with an augmentation, surpassing the temporal span of sustenance granted by their predecessors, the lineage of the iPhone 14 Pro. This augmentation, I avow, is ascribed not merely to the advent of the novel 3nm chip but also to the whispered augmentations within the realm of the battery.

It is intimated that the iPhone 15 Pro shall experience the beneficence of a more capacious battery, bestowed with a potency of 3,650 milliampere-hours, juxtaposed with the 3,200 milliampere-hours accorded to the iPhone 14 Pro. Moreover, let us contemplate the prospect of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, poised to inherit a reservoir of power of 4,852 milliampere-hours, thus ascending beyond the bounds of the 4,323 milliampere-hours granted unto the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Indeed, while the strides made in battery augmentation might be deemed incremental, one must not underestimate the significance of these nuanced advancements in the realm of the nascent iPhone 15 Pro lineage. Every iota, however minute, contributes to the overarching portrait of enhanced battery endurance.

Within the annals of the Tom’s Guide Battery Test, a meticulous evaluation, we glean insight into the temporal tenacity exhibited by the iPhone 14 series. The progenitor, the regular iPhone 14 Pro, sustained its luminance for a span of 10 hours and 13 minutes, while its noble counterpart, the Pro Max, reigned valiantly for an epic duration of 13 hours and 39 minutes.

Any span transcending the threshold of 11.5 hours doth bear the imprint of excellence, meriting inclusion within our esteemed catalog of unparalleled phone battery lifespans. It is thus a fervent aspiration that the petite stature of the iPhone 15 Pro may indeed ascend to the echelons of this illustrious compilation.

Up to 2TB of storage

I am compelled to regard this proclamation with a measure of prudent skepticism, albeit acknowledging its allure. A certain individual of the leaksmith guild hath whispered that the iPhone 15 Pro lineage might bear the potential to be adorned with an opulent storage capacity of up to 2 terabytes.

This pronouncement, should it prove true, is imbued with an air of incredibility, particularly when juxtaposed with the prevailing zenith of 1 terabyte. Such a prospect, undeniably, is imbued with a sense of the extraordinary.

Assuredly, the fraternity of creators shall bestow their ardent favor upon a capacious expanse as this, wherein 48-megapixel ProRAW images might find their sanctuary, alongside the ample reservoir to house voluminous tracts of resplendent 4K video. Yet, even as I entertain these visions of expansiveness, I cannot but recoil at the contemplation of the toll it might levy upon one’s coffers.

At present, the 1-terabyte guise of the iPhone 14 Pro Max commands a sum of $1,599, thus prompting an apprehensive shudder within my contemplations. Should Apple proceed with the rumored ascent of $200, we stand at the precipice of a realm wherein the inaugural $1,799 iPhone may come to fruition.

Bottom line

Traditionally, when I undertake the scrutiny of the novel iPhones, I am wont to dispense counsel of a akin tenor. Should your extant model dwell within the realm of two years, or a lesser span, you may deem it prudent to remain ensconced in its embrace for an interval exceeding a solitary year.

It is only upon the cusp of the third anniversary that one might contemplate an appraisal of the newfangled iPhone enhancements, discerning how these shall ameliorate the tapestry of your experiential sojourn. As I reflect upon the compendium of tidings garnered thus far from the various quarters of iPhone 15 rumors and clandestine revelations, I discern an entity of formidable stature in the guise of the iPhone 15 Pro, a moniker that I, perchance, envision aligning with my own acquisition.

Yet, prudence shall guide my steps, for the ultimate verdict shall be rendered solely upon the crucible of personal interaction. Awaiting that decisive moment, I beseech thee to remain poised, with a steadfast gaze affixed to our sanctum of enlightenment, the iPhone 15 Pro hub, and the hallowed ground of the Apple September event page, wherein the latest dispatches shall unfurl in their entirety, heralding the journey toward the grand unveiling.

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