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How to Hide Chat Name While Using WhatsApp | 2022 New Amazing Tips Tutorial


Hide chats and secure phone from onlookers, peepers, or even your boss who likes to keep an eye on your phone. Keep private things hidden behind a secure screen curtain while also hiding passwords and privacy invasion materials with this protective device.

This app lets you keep your private information safe in public spaces such as buses or subways. Now you can chat freely without worrying about what people might see when they look at your phone’s screen. This is one of the best apps for travelers who want to protect their privacy from people around them.

Suppose you are traveling on a bus or metro and chatting with someone on your phone when somebody else nearby seems curious about what’s going on. Now, this is the perfect time to shield your conversation from prying eyes by simply putting up a privacy screen so they can’t see anymore.

Hide Whatsapp Chat is Free and works without Internet. It was designed for Android users to create a private chat when they’re away from home or Wi-Fi. Millions of people are now able to use this application because it helps them maintain confidentiality on their devices when communicating with friends, family, co-workers or business partners

It is a specially crafted privacy filter protection built exclusively for Facebook, LINE and WhatsApp. Information about us? It’s a website where users can find out about all the latest trending Technology news updates and helpful videos tutorials. New articles are uploaded daily so follow us on Instagram or YouTube under Technical MasterMinds for more information.

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No need to turn off internet connection or activate offline mode – they provide a well-designed interface and easy-to-use chat section where you can view messages clearly. All of your favorite chat apps are all put together in one place, so you’re able to organize them as you please.


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