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Most Exo Drones come with a three-axis gimbal which stabilizes its rigidity, providing the person flying it with an immersive experience. There are different models of Exos which provide varying experiences for their users; this versatility enables them to be used for specific needs such as photography or videography. Their simple interface also makes them accessible to novice pilots while being more useful to professional drone pilots because they require less focus.

With an Exo drone model, your photography and videography will be given a definite boost. Each one includes a 4K photographic effect and 1080p video transmission for footage capture. Also available are Slo-Mo frame rates of 120 FPS or 240 FPS at resolutions of 720p or 480p respectively.

Exo Drones are capable of taking all sorts of footage depending on what you want to do. You can zoom in, take a selfie shot or tilt the camera at an angle. These drones also allow editing so you can fix anything you don’t like about the video or just add something new altogether. They offer live-feed options so you can follow events right before your eyes!

These high-powered drones resist winds of up to 20 miles per hour. They make for easy landings and can handle space management efficiently. Optimal motors work reactively with stabilizers, keeping these crafts steady in flight. Exo quadcopters are quite good at flying, but they really shine when it comes time to film your footage as well – because you’ll be able to take it all in midair!

Following Are The Best Exo Drones in 2022

Image Product Details   Price
EXO Cinemaster 2 EXO Cinemaster Megapixels: 10MP
Video: 4K UHD, 50mb/s
Camera Sensor: 1/2.3 Inch CMOS
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EXO X7 Ranger EXO X7 Ranger Megapixels: 9MP
Flight Time: 25 Minutes
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EXO X7 Ranger Plus EXO X7 Ranger Plus Megapixels: 9MP
Video: 2K
Flight Time: 25 Minutes
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EXO Blackhawk 2 Pro EXO Blackhawk 2 Megapixels: 48MP
Video: 4K, 200mb/s
Flight Time: 35 Minutes
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EXO Mini EXO Mini Megapixels: 12MP
Video: 4K, 100mb/s
Flight Time: 45 Minutes
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EXO Cinemaster 2

Megapixels: 10MP
Video: 4K UHD, 50mb/s
Camera Sensor: 1/2.3 Inch CMOS
Slow Motion: 1080p HD 60fps
Flight Time: 28 Minutes
Aperture: CMOS f/2.5

EXO has done it again with their Cinemaster 2 drone, which promises to bring your shots to life with its high-resolution camera. With a resolution of 4K at 50Mbps and an aperture of f/2.5, the drone’s 4K video will look better than the resolution of the camera alone because of its deep colors and balanced light.

It can also capture 1080p HD 60fps slow motion videos and 12MP photos with its 180-degree gimbal-stabilized camera, which allows the drone to fly smoothly while keeping everything in focus. The EXO Cinemaster 2 drone is able to capture 4K videos at 50Mbps and f/2.5 aperture, as well as 1080p HD 60fps slow motion videos. It also features a 1.3-inch touch screen display, and a dual-antenna design that ensures high-speed video transmission while reducing interference and noise.

It also has an advanced GPS system with GLONASS support that allows it to fly indoors without a dedicated GPS signal, and it can automatically return home in the event of lost connection. Moreover, you can buy additional attachments such as an Energizer 3S battery for 20 minutes of flight time or a Wi-Fi module for live streaming over the internet.

You can also capture slow motion videos in 1080p HD at 60 frames per second. Whether you’re shooting aerial photography or taking amazing selfies, this drone is a great tool for getting high-quality footage. The brushless motor delivers power reliably when it’s needed most, so your flights are steady and stable.

Take your GoPro along on your adventures with an included mounting system that includes adhesive strips for quick installation without tools. The battery provides up to 25 minutes of flight time per charge with a battery indicator LED so you know how much juice you have left before your next charge.

  • Advanced safety features
  • A great value camera system
  • Night visibility
  • It is slower than EXO X7 Ranger Plus
  • Low-quality live-feed

EXO X7 Ranger

Megapixels: 9MP
Video: 4K HD
Slow Motion: No
Flight Time: 25 Minutes

After the success of their high-quality cameras, Sony and EXO have teamed up to create the EXO X7 Ranger, which will be available in December of 2017. The camera has some impressive features that make it stand out from the crowd, including a 2K sensor with larger pixels, 3 axis gimbal, and an anti-shake feature that records video at 1080p or 2K at 60 frames per second (1/2 rate).

This makes it great for action shots as well as any other time you want to capture movement in high quality without blurriness or blur. Setting up your camera is about as easy as it gets. AA batteries, an SD card, and the camera are all you need. The first thing you need to do is charge the battery.The charging process will take approximately two hours and then you’re ready to go!

To turn on the camera, all you need to do is hold down the power button on top of the device until it starts up and holds steady. Pressing this same button turns off your camera as well. The EXO X7Ranger is your perfect travel companion. It’s small, lightweight and great for capturing everything from wildlife to the faces of your new friends. And since it shoots in high-quality 1920x1080p at 60fps, you’ll get those memories in vivid detail.

Plus, the 3-axis gimbal helps keep things smooth and stabilized. Plus, there are plenty of battery life options with up to 5 hours of recording time or 45 hours on standby. It’s also IPX3 waterproof and dustproof, so nothing can get in its way as it captures every precious moment with 2X optical zoom.

The camera comes bundled with accessories such as batteries, memory cards, an extra battery charger, and an SD card reader. There are also two different mounts that attach to the arm of the drone. They are available in four different colors: black, white, orange, and green. The mount on the bottom is magnetic, so it won’t slip around when flying. The mount on top has an extendable handle which makes it easier to film from high up or afar.

  • Easy To Use
  • Long Battery Life
  • Dual HD Cameras
  • A bit expensive for those used to other cheaper brands
  • Requires a bit of training to master how to fly it

EXO X7 Ranger Plus

Megapixels: 9MP
Video: 2K HD @ 30fps
PHOTO RESOLUTION: 4K 4096 x 3072px
Maximum Speed: 27MPH
Flight Time: 25 Minutes
Maximum Range: 1/2 Mile

The all new X7 Ranger Plus from Exo Drones makes flying your drone as easy as driving your car. It comes with the 3-axis gimbal that makes it possible to take 4K/2K video and 12 megapixel photos, so you’ll be able to capture gorgeous cinematic footage wherever you take it. And don’t worry about bringing your drone back home, because it comes with an obstacle avoidance system that helps you avoid crashes and bumps on your way back! Exo brings you the all-new X7 Ranger Plus!

Exo Drone, one of the most trusted names in drones, has just come out with a brand new addition to their line of award-winning drones. The X7 Ranger PLUS is ready for action with obstacle avoidance, reliable flying, 2K/4K dynamic footage and an easy-to-use controller with a built-in touchscreen. For only $259 USD (plus shipping), there is no better camera drone on the market. One of our favorite features of the X7 PLUS is how it can sense obstacles and adjust its flight path to avoid them.

Whether you’re flying indoors or outside, you’ll be able to fly with confidence knowing that your drone will stay out of harm’s way. Most drones rely on GPS-based sensors which require a clear line of sight with the sky in order to operate. With ranger plus, the obstacle avoidance relies on front mounted sensors that keep track of any objects in front.

That means even if you lose sight or connection between your drone and remote controller, ranger plus will continue to maneuver around any obstacle blocking its path by utilizing information gathered through these sensors without fail – an incredible safety feature that helps to protect both you and your drone. For those of you looking to get a long flight time out of your drone, look no further. With up to 25 minutes in the air, you’ll be able to capture whatever your heart desires.

You can charge it with the included cable and take it with you wherever you go. It’s small and lightweight so if anything happens to it, it won’t put a dent in your wallet. The lightweight aircraft and propellers are also very durable meaning that they’re built to last and can withstand more than just an average drone might be able to.

  • Time for flight is sufficient
  • A great quadcopter at a fair price
  • Fun is guaranteed
  • Quite costly

EXO Blackhawk 2

Megapixels: 48MP
Video: 4K, 200mb/s
Camera Sensor: 1/1.3 Inch CMOS
Slow Motion: 2.7k 60fps
Flight Time: 35 Minutes
Aperture: f/1.85 – f/12

With the EXO Blackhawk 2, EXO drones offer the best in class performance. The device features an impressive 10,000-meter range, a 1/1.3″ sensor on its 4K camera, and a few intelligent flight modes. In their latest endeavor, EXO has teamed up with Hubsan to offer their best two products to date.The H108D X4 HD+ offers an FPV (First Person View) screen in the controller while the H109S X4 offers brushless motors that are more durable than ever before.

The Blackhawk 2 also includes GPS positioning for when the drone goes out of sight, so you always know where your drone is at all times. A powerful, easy-to-fly drone, EXO Blackhawk 2 is designed with power and precision. A 1/1.3 inch sensor is used on the 4K camera, and it boasts an impressive range of 10,000 meters. It also has features like GPS navigation and headless mode which help make it easier for beginners to navigate through the skies. While there are many drones in this category with similar specs, what sets the EXO Blackhawk 2 apart is its long battery life.

Even after being used for hours of flying time, you will still get upwards of 15 minutes from this unit before needing to charge again. The drone is capable of reaching speeds up to 110 km/h and has a maximum flight time of 25 minutes. It can also take off or land at a distance as far as 10,000 meters away from the controller. The range on this drone is incredible! There are four intelligent flight modes: Automatic Flight Mode, Tap-to-Fly Mode, Sport Mode, and Selfie Mode.

In Selfie mode you just tap a button for the camera to automatically take photos for you so you can be in your selfie photos! The app that accompanies this device is really user friendly too which makes it super easy to fly the Blackhawk with no prior experience needed! The battery life on this drone is a little shorter than most, but it’s still nothing to sneeze at. You get around 25 minutes of flight time with each charge and the batteries are interchangeable.

  • Lenses and resolution of 4K
  • A long-distance view
  • Great Battery Life
  • Expensive

EXO Mini

Megapixels: 12MP
Video: 4K, 100mb/s
Camera Sensor: 1/2.6 Inch CMOS
Slow Motion: N/A
Flight Time: 45 Minutes
Aperture: f/2.2 – f/12

The EXO Mini is a new, compact drone that is designed for beginners. It weighs just under 250 grams which means it can easily be flown indoors or out. The specs are similar to the DJI Mini 2 and 3 Pro but it’s $100 cheaper. The EXO drones has partnered with Hubsan to bring this sub-250 gram drone to the market. The Exo Mini comes equipped with an HD camera, six axis gyroscope and one key takeoff/landing feature.

One of the best features is how much room there is inside of the controller because it doesn’t need two joysticks like most other small drones do. The battery life isn’t as long as some of its competitors but at less than four minutes you’ll have enough time to fly around your house before needing a recharge.

The EXO Mini has a three-axis gimbal stabilizer, 12 MP camera with an F2.8 aperture lens, automatic return-to-home functionality in case of low battery or loss of connection, six axis gyroscope for increased stability during flight, one key takeoff and landing features. The drone also comes equipped with three different speed modes: beginner (1), intermediate (2), and advanced (3) for new pilots who are still getting accustomed to flying drones.

The flight experience was quite good. The drone is stable, easy to fly, and can withstand a lot of wind. It has an impressive battery life of 45 minutes on a full charge, which is long enough for most flights. It also has a top speed of 40 mph, making it one of the fastest drones in its class. On the flip side, it does have some downsides.

For example, there are no gimbals included with this drone, which means that you’ll need to purchase them separately if you want aerial videos or pictures. Moreover, there are no obstacle avoidance sensors either. Finally, because of its small size and lightweight design, it doesn’t have many features like autopilot mode or follow-me mode; however these features may be added in future updates as they become available.

  • Lenses and resolution of 4K
  • long-distance view
  • Great Battery Life
  • Costly

Exo Drones Technology

Exo Drone Cameras:

Depending on the model you choose, high-quality photos and videos can be shot at different resolutions – some models even provide slo-mo video capabilities of up to 60 frames per second in 1080p resolution. EXO Drones offers a variety of drones for many needs – from capturing those treasured moments to filming epic YouTube videos.

This company prides themselves in the ability to capture photos from angles previously unseen with its advanced zoom-in and zoom-out features. Hands-free selfies are also available along with other tools like filters, music, etc., which give any video editor endless options when editing their footage.

Live Feed Controller:

Not all drones come with just a controller and two or three buttons. EXO Drone does something completely different when it comes to capturing footage. Thanks to its 720P live feed, you can watch the video in real time so nothing ever gets left out of the frame.

Exo Drone Handling:

Flying drones can be difficult, because they are controlled in two different dimensions; both vertically and horizontally. There is no escaping gravity’s reminder when we are too high up – even if sometimes we don’t want to hear it!

EXO drones are outfitted with three-axes to counteract erratic moves while capturing aerial footage. Moreover, they come with brushless motors that allow them to fly in winds of up to 20 mph with speed and stability.

Smart-Fly Features:

You don’t need to be a professional drone pilot to capture some really good shots with this little guy. Great for those who want to fly and film at the same time, it’s perfect even if you’re just starting out or simply want something easy!

The first step is to draw a rectangular shape around the object or person you want to capture and press enter. Drop a pin on your map using the drone’s GPS to have it circle the area, keeping your pin dead center. If you’re not touching the joysticks, then the drone will stay hovering in place.

GPS “Return to Home” Feature:

Losing your drone may become a reality if the battery dies or you’re unaware of how to guide it back home. However, with GPS coordinates all you need to do is click Return To Home which does everything for you! The drone will automatically return home even without power or an internet connection.

Exo Drone Battery Life:

Drone batteries can last anywhere from 20-40 minutes on a single charge, depending on size and model. Although it may not be possible to film a single shot masterpiece like The Great War (1917), replacing an old battery for a new one can bring you right back up and running without any trouble at all.


And now you know! EXO has something for everyone and they’re prepared to meet your every need. If I had to choose between the three different styles of drones, I would go with the X7 Ranger Plus because it allows me an easy-to-use RC flight experience while giving me access to all the features any tech junkie desires. This drone can fly up to 40 minutes without loss of connection or running out of battery power – perfect for people who want a satisfying product with durability and longevity.

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